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Thirty-One Distinct Areas

Thousands of visitors from all over the country have come to visit and enjoy Northview’s fabulous gardens – thirty-one distinct areas, each with its own theme.

Created by Jenny Rose Carey to appeal to all five senses and with interest every season of the year, Northview Gardens has been designed to educate visitors about different plants, planting techniques and garden features.

4 1/2 Acre Site

Northview has been designed for the enjoyment of the Careys and their friends.

Northview’s 4½ acre site was originally part of Wilmer and Anna Atkinson’s 1887 100-acre Victorian Model Farm. Some of the trees planted by Mr. Atkinson (the Founder and Editor of the Farm Journal) remain, including a beautiful 150-year-old Japanese maple.   The current property includes the original 1887 farmhouse and carriage house.


Renew, Recycle, Reinvent

Areas have been transformed as trees have died and plants and shrubs either failed or took over.

Trumpet vine (initially highly recommended as a native plant for the Dry Garden) had to be vigorously dug up and disposed of before it took over the Herb Garden.  The Moss Garden was wonderfully protected by trees that died after a particularly bad winter.

From the Shade Garden to the Italian Garden to the Sunset Garden – each has a story to tell and features of interest for gardeners of all levels.  Water inspired gardens include the Pond Garden and the Waterfall Garden.  Fun and whimsy can be found in the Victorian-era Stumpery, the Stonehenge-like Castle Garden, the unforgettable Forgotten Garden and the Copper Beech Garden (which displays some excellent copper work from artist Joe Giampa Jr.).  In these gardens, no pesticides are used, watering use is minimized and organic material like trees and branches are reused for paths or garden features.

Welcome to Northview and, for those who have visited before, welcome back.


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